Grain Stop

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The personages of this research are many; many of which we will not recognize, not even for the names, even so its works have been of enormous importance for the mentioned areas where they acted and still today in the half academic as finders of many treasures. We detach: Jesuits of the Company of Jesus whose documentary quantity this in ownership of the Jesutica Church of Vienna (Districts 1 and 13). The documentation if withholds in its biographies and few information on its sojourn of three main representatives in the Province of the Grain Stop enter the end of century XVII and beginning of the XVIII. On this period enormous documentary quantity in the cities of Salzburg exists, Insbruck and Melk, not yet visited. It was with the marriage enters> Leopoldina Habsburg and Peter de Alcantara who initiated beneficial it and pacifies Austrian Invasion to Brazil. Known for all of its creation performed with care and very dedicated to the scientific knowledge, mainly in the area of Mineralogy, it was idea of Leopoldina, respected for its father, Emperor Franz Joseph, to create a scientific expedition, that would have to travel with the Arquiduquesa for the New World with intention to know its husband and enlace to festejar it already happened in Vienna, months before, by proxy. In this expedition, many scientists had been invited to explore lands of Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo for the period of 1 year. Scientists and self-taughts person who took care of, in its majority had been chosen by merit, of the exotic quantities of Franz Joseph and Professors of Sciences. Johann Natterer (' ' the most zealous and more fruitful zoological collector who stepped on the South America ' ') the main personage of this adventure in the tropics must be considered, With knowledge of Botany and zoology, made discovered during the 15 years where it remained in the domestic territory, discovered these that are reference in the scientific world.

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