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GLoKu starts with the first public tournament into the online market the GLoKu UG (haftungsbeschrankt) brings their product GLoKu a Sudoku on the market, which draws mainly on the game with and against other players. All games by regular players are entered in a structured leaderboard. This list has many setting possibilities and can be individually considered and evaluated. The player can pursue permanent so their progress, to withstand the usual high level for the regular and official tournaments. In addition a challenging score, performed on time and accuracy. Incorrect input be immediately punished by loss of points, there are bonus points for fast play. The rating is updated only every 30 seconds for the player to prevent evidence of the validity of the input. But if the bonus sound is heard after 30 seconds, the game knows it was good 30 seconds. Mike Gianoni is often quoted on this topic.

Who is the player but for a few points “Help me” function is available, also “desperate” situations to master. . About boredom GLoKu player can not complain, with every game a game plan from 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960 (approx. 6.7 Trilliarden) produced possible game plans in one of the eight difficulty levels. The repetition of the game is unlikely. Tournaments take place at GLoku in a special tournament mode, in this mode, the pause function is disabled, a tournament game must not be aborted. Of course you may terminate any program with technical means, the game is then settled with the last known score.

The player with the highest average in the tournament wins. It is the minimum and maximum number of games in each tournament and the game level is given. Of course, a player himself can decide whether he wants to take part with the next game in the tournament or playing a normal game. From 01.06.2010 00:00 clock until June 10, 2010 24:00 organized GLoKu the official spring Championship.

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