Fitoterpico Treatment

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But the medicinal plants in Brazil are not recognized for the Health department as efficient in the therapeutical treatment of this pathology therefore nothing she was proven to this respect. Therefore its same effectiveness is arguable that in countries as Germany is accepted and the awareness of the carriers in its use. new medicine proposals, in this work if had withheld in Fitoterapia for the importance between the carriers and also the fear of the illness it is incurable and can take the patient to the death that makes the patients to search these sources not very trustworthy. The importance of this study is the possibility of the future discovery of new therapeutical treatment ' ' Exactly considering the same importance of the medicinal plants as inexhaustible medicine source new (…) (Di Stasi (et al, 1995) and also many treatments exist that at risk put the life of the patient or confuse the therapeutical treatment being able in consequence of this to take the death as potato-brave in Africa Subsaariana. As Luiz Claude Di Stasi the boarding to multidiscipline in contrast to that many think about making it difficult the work also facilitates and the future possibility, confides a way of new here taken over on a contract basis of new forms of therapeutical treatment and, therefore the frmacos used currently have weighed collateral effect that are similar to the proper effect of the illness.

It does not have at the moment no product of vegetal origin that it can deal with the AIDS. Scientific antecedents and are known that the remedies aleloptico select the HIV viruses resistant. Chapter One 1,1) the discovery of the Fitoterpico Treatment When studying the medicinal plants, must it analyzing folcloricamete. Human being appeared in the primrdios of the appearance of the civilization, the man always had contact with the plants, searching in them solutions to improve its existence as tools and clothes.

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