First Season (2008)

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1. Pilot: 1999. The years of peace after ending the T-1000 to evade justice and not just with the fears of Sarah Connor, who decides to flee with his son, thus leaving her fianc Charley. This will alert the FBI as a new threat in the form of machine, although the two fugitives found a new ally in the coming future. Together we will march to stop Skynet.
2. Gnothi Seauton: after the jump time is available along with Sarah Cameron to use his contacts to get new identities with which they overlooked. John, bored with staying home start making trips to catch up on how the world has changed in 8 years. While Cromartie, the Terminator sent to kill John begins to put back after the break caused by the jump in time.
3. The Turkish: Sarah searches to find programmers who continued the work of Miles Dyson in the creation of Skynet lead to Andy Goode, a seller of mobile phones that have built a computer capable of playing at a chess champion . John and Cameron start their first day of class, and educated first on the second does not draw attention. The agent Ellison, meanwhile, is investigating the possible connection between the death of his contact Enrique and the dead members of the Resistance. Moreover, Cromartie goes to a medical scientist for cellular regeneration.
4. Heavy Metal: Sarah, John and Cameron start the prosecution of a shipment of coltan, a metal primary construction of the Terminators, with the intention of destroying it. Cromartie finds its own reconstruction with a new identity, while Ellison keeps track of the corpses that the Terminator has left in its wake.
5. The tactics of the queen: a new character enters the lives of Connor is Derek Reese, Kyle’s brother, sent from the future and also arrested for the murder of Andy. Sarah is preparing to release it before it Derek is eliminated by the Terminator sent for this purpose. At the institute, John Cameron tries to explain the widespread pain at the death of Jordan, and the psychologist makes call center to know that I speak with the deceased. Meanwhile, Cromartie resumed the search for its target starting to go to Charley’s house for questioning.
6. Dungeons and Dragons: while Derek, seriously wounded by the Terminator sent to remove, is torn between life and death, for his mind began to pass the most recent moments of his life: the war against the machines, their last moments with her brother Kyle, his appointment to a mission through time … To save the life of her uncle, John Charley brings them home to take a hand, then Sarah is forced to tell her ex-boyfriend the truth about the threat of the machines.
7. The hand of the devil: following the track of the hands of T-888, Sarah goes to Ellison’s house, where they found videos of their stay in the psychiatric hospital in Pescadero. After seeing one in which the waiver of his mother, John was disappointed with this. In particular his research, Ellison made a visit to Dr. Silberman, the psychiatrist who treated Sarah, without imagining that this has lost the reason to root for the flight of his patient. Meanwhile, Cameron joins the ballet class of the sister of Dmitri, in order to contact the partner Andy and find out who is now in Turkish.
8. Chip Vick: Derek Cameron reaffirmed his distrust towards discovering that he has not destroyed the T-888 chip and it is saved, this is justified by arguing that they can be useful, and John is preparing to use it to test your memory. As a result discovers important information about one of the programs that have been part in the creation of Skynet, Sarah and Derek decided to render it unusable. On the other hand, Cromartie goes institute institute looking for John, as he sees Cameron outlines a plan to cheat and do pass by.
9. What contemplate: Sarah and Derek to contact Sarkissian, the man who purchases the Turkish Dmitri to meet with and to negotiate the price of the computer. Soon recognized that the seller is much more dangerous than people think, and find all the information possible about him. John’s birthday is approaching with the fear that her mother has been completely forgotten, with all that is over. Ellison begins to close the noose on Cromartie after discovering has been going through FBI agent and organizes a raid not imagine it will prove disastrous.

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