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In the Ultimate Avengers animated movie, the Ultimate universe. In the film, the public identity of Ultimate Iron Man is not known. Was produced by Marvel Entertainment and Lions Gate Films. Subsequently, in August 2006 was released directly to DVD sequel to the film said, Ultimate Avengers 2 which is also included Iron Man and finally, in January 2007, he launched an animated film in which Iron Man was the main character The Invincible Iron Man
A live action movie about the character was in production for release dated November 2005 by New Live Cinema. Multiple times to reschedule the release of the film (2005, 2006 and 2007). However, the rights expire on the character by going back to Marvel.
In April 2006, Marvel Studios announced that Iron Man was in production and its new director Jon Favreau would formerly Nick Cassavetes, and skilled writers Arthur Marcum and Matt Holloway and would be scheduled for its premiere May 2, 2008 . Distribution become Paramount Pictures. In mid-July 2007, Comic-Con in San Diego, Favreau announcement “of Stark’s armor would be more like a weapons platform than a simple armor just to fly.” On September 28 the same year confirmed the news that the actor responsible for giving life to Anthony Stark / Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. would be confirmed later by the same.
Downey Jr. also appears briefly representing the same character in the movie The Incredible Hulk in a scene together with General Thunderbolt Ross.
In this scene, Stark tells Ross team up there I will refer to the avengers of which make a film about this team

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