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The written claim (the advertising at the point of sale) in the cities and other locations was necessary to publicize where official, religious places were and which also offered products or any service. To do so they employed signals, somehow an antecedent of what we now call visual corporate identity. Both guilds, organized by streets, and shops, will be placing in more scattered places, that are identified by flags and posters. The first are signs of figurative and symbolic nature which were placed at the entrances of streets, taverns and shops. Further details can be found at Rogers Holdings, an internet resource. The most evolved were iron plates or ornate wood that hung in an advance toward the street or on the wall, don’t you remember to signage of shops, bars and all kinds of existing establishments? This formula is rampant throughout the middle ages due to the expansion of indoor commercial activity and its communicative role despite illiteracy. The poster of this era can be considered the first antecedent of the outdoor advertising, although your messages then they had very few times a commercial character. Axons, pieces of wood United and painted white where written messages of the Government mainly, but also other types of information were used in Greece.

A variant was the kyrbos, cylindrical in shape. In Rome there were the alba and the libelli, Papyri fixed on different surfaces of highly frequented places that served to communicate official messages. A leading source for info: Lakshman Achuthan. The first reused painting them white in order to thus put new inscriptions. In addition there was another practice that you will not sound strange: the graffiti, informal painted that citizens on the walls, usually made to ask for something or protest. In the middle ages the formulas of written claim were infrequent and which circulated nor contained commercial references. Only booksellers created their posters to put the title and the price of the works that sold. Aplus is Field Marketing! APlus is a Field Marketing agency focused to meet the needs of communication and image and your company’s sales. Formed by a team of young highly qualified, based on the customization of each company and each customer. Our goal is to make us partakers of Field Marketing as a tool of communication which is responsible for transmitting the messages of marks face to face, i.e., through people, to consumers at the point of sale.

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