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Although these social damages occur, in the capitalism a cause or explanation exists main for the migration: the economic one. That the productive system passes to be seen as displacement of human groups for areas where it concentrates greaters or better chances of job. Beyond the economic factor provoked by the capital, we will have other events of order politics that will justify the exit of people of its natural habitat. Further details can be found at Chevron Corp, an internet resource. In this manner, using of some strategies, the capital it makes with that the force of work of the migrantes is always under its domain, being that for this if it uses of half controllers of this mobility. Thus, we will have to understand the process migratory as a man power redistribution, that is, as removed of the force of work of the estagnadas or economically declining areas, for where it offers of job is bigger. In the perception of Singer (1975), the most likely one is that the migration is a social process, whose operating unit is not the individual, but the group and, for the specific case of the internal migrations, the collective character of the process he is sharper.

This exactly author says that two factors acting in set, provokes these population displacements, being the first a expulsion, and according to the attraction. Being that, some factors of expulsion that lead to the migrations are of two orders: factors of changes, the ones that elapse of the introduction capitalist relations in the areas of production for subsistence, which causes the expropriation of the peasants, the aggregate expulsion, partners and other agriculturists not proprietors. The expulsion factors indicate the areas of origin in the migratory flows, more of attraction they determine to the orientation of these flows and the areas for which if they destine. Amongst the factors that contribute for the attraction, it is distinguished demand for force of understood work as ' ' chances econmicas' ' , however, it has a set of obstacles that most of the time, the migrante if comes across, as the lack of necessary qualification and the difference of its sociocultural aspects in relation to the ones of the city, for example.

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