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Buenos Aires, in addition to being a city with a variety of professionals to take care of yourself has a wide range of activities to perform, an example of this is the ranking of the magazine Travel & Laisure. According to this publication, Buenos Aires is the best city to make tourism esthetic that has variety of tourist places, a great cultural and gastronomic offer, but above all by the sympathy of the Argentines. Addition it is estimated that one in 30 women in Argentina was a cosmetic surgery. Frequently Jim Rogers has said that publicly. This data, converts the Argentina in one of the countries with the greatest number of people with surgeries for reasons of aesthetics and beauty that there is in the world, behind the United States and Mexico. The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is a beautiful city for walking is, its tree-lined streets and its European city air makes it a favorite of many inhabitants of the old continent. In addition she can do you any kind of aesthetic intervention that you need in Argentina, you can find a wide range of clinics and excellent level hospitals, but paying a price much lower what they would pay in any of the countries of residence, as in the United States or in Europe. Mike Gianoni takes a slightly different approach. Figure as one of the main cities in Latin America in which to aesthetic tourism referred to by this and more Argentina, and especially in Buenos Aires.

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