Effective Mailing

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In general terms, it should be adapted to maximize communication (Customize) to the recipient. It is essential to also use a list of addresses of potential customers (or clients) reliable. Consider that: not all products or services are easy to communicate or sell through direct mail. The piece that is used must be well drafted and designed to prevent the recipients throw it in the trash. It is important to be read quickly and then take action by the reader. The mailing must be sent to an appropriately selected target and as specific as possible, in terms of its potential acquisition of our commercial offer. Have realistic expectations. Not always gives extraordinary results.

It is estimated that you between 1% to 3% of total shipments effective answers is an acceptable result. DO IN THAT BUSINESS WORKS WELL DIRECT MAIL? We present a check list so that a priori can evaluate if direct mail can be used with good chances of success in your venture. While more positive responses get, the greater the probability: can your business be defined through specific demographic parameters? (Eg. My potential customer lives in the area comprising the neighborhoods of..) Can you reach your potential market through postal mail? Do you ever bought your potential customers products or services similar to yours after receiving proposals through the mail? Do you have a product or service that can be sold without any demonstrations or protracted negotiations, or that involves a purchase on impulse or fast decision? Can your product or service express its value to the recipient using a mail piece in particular with immediate visual impact? Do can you afford the cost of a packaging sufficiently attractive that will motivate the opening of the piece? Can you obtain a list of postal addresses reliable and high potential to sell your product or service? (there are companies that provide or rent lists, visit where) You will find the best service) do have resources to make the phone necessary follow-up to ensure that your mailing has been received and investigate the potential interest that has been generated?

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