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Adir Magalhes Azevedo Portflio – ESA I PERFILSUL ALUMINIOS Orientanda teacher Mirian London Born 2009 Adir Magalhes Azevedo Portflio – ESA I PERFILSUL ALUMINIOS Company of the branch of Situated alumnios in Rolndia-Pr Work presented to disciplines Period of training Supervised in Administration I, of the Course of ADM, given for the Prof. Mirian Born, of the Pitgoras College? Metropolitan campus. Native of London 2009 Summary 1. Introduction: ' ' The one evolution empresa' ' 04 2. Description Perfilsul Alumnios 05 3. Characterization of company 06 4. Organization chart 07 5. Physical characteristics 07 6.

Politics of company 09 7. Description of the activities of each department 10 8. Products offered for company 12 9. Catalogue of products 13 10. Analysis of strong points and weak points of company 35 11. Conclusion 36 12. Bibliography 37 Introduction Many is the companies who want to be distinguished in the market, old companies with more than ten years of market and other news that they search to innovate, with new machines, to vender products with newness and sophistication, either in attacked or the retail providing the comfort and comfort for its customers and who know to conquer new customers or of other companies. Presenting with words and some Figures what a company of the north of Paran, situated in the city of Rolndia, is making for not only remaining in the market each more competitive time, as well as to sophisticate in the attendance, establishing standards of quality in ' ' televendas' ' , that a strong point became, a handspike for a company that thought seriously about closing the doors, today with a catalogue of products I contend abrangncia and an extension I contend a great variety of options, colors and models and a team that is fera in the question attendance. Counting on little more than 40 employees, the Perfilsul Alumnios comes growing each day, seeing has possibilities to grow more, if they had joined another company who also is part of the same group, the Hiperbrs, with little more than 11 years of market now is prepared for a promising future, with a direction well alicerada, motivated people and well divided physical spaces in departments.

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