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George bush By Simon Sedillo for Left Turn Magazine. It is an interesting article on the activities of Tnte. Colonel. Geoffrey B. Demarest, Who emcabeza the project called “Indian Mexico” in an eagerness desaparcer on indigenous groups in order to promote neo-liberalism. The facts are clear: indigenous communities in Mexico are being harassed by the issues U.S. Army with the help of a geographer from the University of Kansas. In 2005, the Department of vote Geography, University of Kansas received 500 000 dollars of funds from the Department of Defense to map indigenous communal lands in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi. Territories with official language of Latin America.
The term “Latin America” or bush “Latin America”, despite being commonly accepted by the population of the countries referred to, has its detractors, especially among Hispanic groups, indigenous and anti-racist. The first cnn priority for the Spanish influence and the latter two as it is a Eurocentric term imposed by the colonizers, as they could never be considered Latino or indigenous, or African-Americans, crucial in the quantitative and qualitative composition of the population. Even in many cases do not speak the indigenous languages of Europe. As a policy concession clinton to these critics, is currently using other words like “Hemisphere”, “Western Hemisphere” or “the Americas” in the plural. However, there are those who think that these terms have been invented by the Americans to appropriate the name “America” hegemonic purposes and that, since the continent is one, do not use the word in the plural. It also questioned the use of the term “hemisphere”, as it may relate to any part of the world and also because, as with “Western Hemisphere” implies a dissolution of the American identity. Additionally, nations and peoples of the Caribbean Latinos do not consider that the term “Latin America” does not cover, because they speak a romance language.
The use of the same name “America” has been historically controversial. Simon Bolivar wanted to call the entire region “Colombia”, in honor of Christopher Columbus. In the view of the Liberator, united states Colon had more merit than Amerigo Vespucci to name the continent. Formerly used the term “West Indies” media to name the continent. The South American was also named “South America” or “America’s Mediodia. With regard to North America, New Spain was also known as the North America, Mexico was declared independent by that name during the Congress of Anahuac in 1813.
The term Latin America is also critical in that, according to many scholars, government it seems unnatural to race incorporate the French colonies that resemble little historical and culturally to the rest of the Latin American regions, due to the policy of Napoleon III during the French intervention in Mexico, than the reason for the establishment of a “Latin political American Empire” under the influence. The Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes, for his part, coined the alternative “Indo-Afro-Ibero America” in his book Brave New World. However, contemporary point to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) as a single integrated population of the Americas excluding the large population of immigrants from other countries in Europe and the world, including Italy, Germany, China Armenia , India, election Lebanon, etc. .. It is important to remember that once independence from Spain and Portugal during the nineteenth century and new immigrant groups came to form the population of many of these religion countries and mixed with different groups in different regions of America. Moreover, today there are a large number of immigrants in the population economic of both Canada and the United States from other countries in the Americas.
Is gathering strength in international culture markets a new position on the theoretical notion that Latin America is linked to more anthropological and sociological aspects that Linguistic and cultural horizon of the concept. Citation needed It is understood by it in geographic space and time in the prevailing cultural patterns common, which may include the use of a congress particular language. In this sense, the advocates of this view believe that countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America and Jamaica, Suriname, Barbados and Belize are part of iraq Latin America since the cultural norms of the population have the same similarities with education other Latin American countries, different from the practices of the nations of Anglo-Saxon America, which they see as another cultural horizon. Also, the French speaking regions of Canada (although the French is a Latin language) included in the Anglo-Saxon America, for the same reasons outlined above. Among the supporters of this position are to recognized scholars military such as Miguel Rojas Mix, Ricardo Mendez, Pedro Cunill Grau, John Cole, Rodolfo Bertoncello, Diego M. Rios and Andrea Salleras.
The use of the term American to refer exclusively to the people of the United States was conducted in an abusive manner because many Americans often use the abbreviated name America (in English, America) to refer to their country. However, Americans are all that inhabit the continent.

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