Citizenship Education

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Allowing a child to abort without parental consent, thereby undermining the legal custody of them and replacing the State. Promoting the law of historical memory, trying to sanctify the Republic and a little less than beatify all those who dedicated themselves to burn churches and kill indiscriminately priests, nuns, the elderly, women and children, simply because they are believers or be educated at a religious school. Enacting the Law on Citizenship Education, like the Fundamental Principles of the Movement of Franco, and impregnating the minds of our children and adolescents across a moral ideology and affective engineering is beyond its powers and jurisdiction. Plunging to Spain in the biggest depression ever known in over half a century. Saying that the concept of nation is a concept discussed and controversial. Allowing from these demonstrations, which is made public scorn and rejection of the national anthem, both inside and outside Spain, even in the presence of the highest office in the State. Recently at the negotiating table by the Articles of Incorporation What have you done? Instead of exhausting the negotiation process of trying to bring the parties together, demonizing employers, who are the ones who create jobs, which represent the wealth of any country.

This attitude, while introducing it to the people to blame, as opposed allowed to present himself as the savior angel workers. And this is just a small sample of the long series of steps taken in key electoral populist basis to reopen the wounds of the two Spains that had been closed with the adoption of our Constitution in 1978. Doing this with a people by simply staying in power, it is despicable, it is simply evil, wicked, infamous, and its opportunistic conduct based on lies constantly with an eye always on the vote, unbecoming of a statesman who is promote the good of his people. Therefore, considering the historical background of the left and comparing them with his actions today, I said then and I confirm now that the Spanish left has amply demonstrated that instead of setting their goals in a future of harmony , peace, prosperity and cooperation among all Spanish, nostalgically remains stuck in the dark night of the past and its prejudices, endorsing the anti-democratic practices, bloody and cristianofobicas, of which all Spanish sufferers come to be witnesses. And the Head of State, does not seem to be just a talisman that is willing to correct the wrong direction which we live. Valdeolmillos Cesar Alonso.

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language on word "secular" means "Do not belong to any religious denomination." According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language the word "secularism" means: "Quality of society, the state or the institutions that act and operate independently of the influence of religion and the Church" "The second Republic "Ricardo de la Cierva. "On 18 July there was a fascist coup" by Ricardo de la Cierva. Phoenix Ed, Madrid, 1999. "

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