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Ah! if it knew that in that night he would go to find something so wonderful, concerteza its vision, its commentary would have changed in relation the Carabas. As soon as he passed of the town of the Jibia, was twisting so that the driver for distraction or esquecimento passed of the delivery of Carabas and went up the mountain range most dangerous of the region: The mountain range of the mount of the Engano.Para its misfortune it entered the left where it had a plate in the high one with well visible letters: Either welcome the Carabas.At thought about being sleeping in the car, but its friends had soon pushed for are of the vehicle, making with that it was to tan the party. Perhaps the first thing that made was to go direct in the side of the barrage to make one prece or knows there what for Iemanj, the Queen of Waters. From there it Could see the Raft smells of fogos of artifices waiting the countdown to illuminate that so pretty Sky. When I was knowing that it was that way some minutes was thinking if it would not have placed a letter, or a ticket inside of a bottle (as happens in the films) and played inside of the similar barrage of that ' ' algum' ' it found it. But soon this reasoning was for water the low one, therefore it was impossible that it found, not to be that it was housed in the paused time and the wind or then in prainha of Anag.Ento because reason remained there? Which its mystery? It only stops unmasking this enigma. Already I made of everything to discover, but not to obtain to arrive at no necessary, convincing conclusion.

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