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Focusing on a very small market. This is always very important because sometimes one wants to have a new Business Ideas lose the perspective of Perhaps the market is very small. The use of statistics is very important in this regard. So that if I sell accessories for the iPhone using the first I need to know how many there are in my country have been using the iPhone. 5. Enter a market without thinking about a partner for distribution.

To avoid this error can help your business can grow faster. The idea is simple, if I just try to sell packages of cosmetics could be ideal to have as partner of distribution to a chain of gyms, to position the product. My market penetration will be much easier and cheaper to assemble an existing distribution chain. 6 Pay much for a client. This is an issue that should be measured and measured, if pago100 in advertising and have a client who only pay 20? l will be losing money.

To avoid this you must measure and measure to see the effectiveness of my strategies. 7 and 8. Have little capital or capital intensive. These two errors are part of an essential fact is that a Business Ideas is projecting his return to see the money that He is needed and not on the lack and not him on. 9 and 10 do not have a business plan or put much in developing one. Two previous errors often occur due to the lack of a business plan. Any business Ideas must have an idea of business but no one can think and rethink the business plan. We must take action and further adapt the business plan of what will happen in real life. Listen to phonetically read some business Ideas may seem more or less original or interesting, everything depends on the country where you live, if you’re in a big city, a small city or in rural areas, but the main objective is to take every business Ideas and make the exercise of incorporating them into a powerful dose of imagination and creativity.

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