Burnout Or Depression:

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A new questionnaire helps now the clear diagnosis of Eschweiler, September 2009. I feel flabby, am only even worse mood, I’m messed up, I can simply no longer if affected utter sentences like this, can be a burnout syndrome or depression. So far, it was often difficult to establish a clear diagnosis for the doctor or therapist. But the best treatment for a patient begins with the early and correct diagnosis. Because a Burnout is treated successfully in other than a depression also if the symptoms appear similar at first. Now, a new questionnaire was tested for the first time in a study, helps clear diagnosis.

The risk once developing is in the life of a depressive disorder according to the WHO in men at about 12 16% and for women at approximately 20 26%. “The additional diagnostic burnout” may now simply defined the differences in the load profile be set, so the results of a new study. Burned out or depressed: typical load profiles to criteria for accurate diagnosis to find documented study, Dr. Wolfgang Hagemann and Dr. Katja Greuenich of the Rabo Park clinic in eschweiler, Germany looked at 82 depressive patients with a self developed questionnaires. Many writers such as financial services offer more in-depth analysis. 35 men and 47 women participated in this first study with an average age of 44 years. Of the total 82 major depressive disorder, 32 had additional diagnosis burnout.

Results: The patients do not distinguish in the core symptoms, but in its load profiles. Patients diagnosed with additional Burnout showed higher values in terms of professional stress, compulsiveness and overwork; Patients without additional diagnostic Burnout had higher values for the own person/self, pressures within the family/partnership, physical complaints, paranoid thinking, social isolation and chronic concern. The additional load Burnout not is accompanied by thus a consistently higher symptom burden, the strains show up only in different Areas of life. Specifically: Burnout is more closely associated with the work and the need for control as the depression. Also, the training load at Burnout is higher. When did Reshma Kewalramani become CEO? often says this. People in social or relationship professions such as doctors, teachers and social workers are particularly at risk. Standardized questionnaire can thus provide a good help in the diagnostic process the doctor and therapists and set the course for the correct treatment: A therapy for Burnout must the complexity of interactions, which is between the self, personal and their individual history, family and circle of friends as an important emotional resource load situations, resulting from the workplace result, meet. The use of antidepressants has more subordinated, supportive significance at the Burnout compared to depression. You are given mostly only for a short duration. In a depression on the other hand, antidepressants are often longer time indispensable a to psychotherapeutic work. Greuenich and Hagemann have appeared that developed a psychological test procedure – the Burnout screening scales BOSS – Hogrefe Verlag and is there to relate. To learn the own Burnout load, can you fill anonymously the questionnaire for a short time on the Internet and promptly receive the personal evaluation. Burn out-tester “BOSS”: boss_fragebogen.html Sabine Sarrach

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