Bourgeoisie System

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God to be supreme. *Igreja-centro of control of the humanity. *Educao- evolution of the capital of the system. *Sistema economic-platform of profit of the capitalist system. main *Humanidade-central of the domain and adestramento of the system. *Mdia- canal of fusing of the system. This article has as objective to point out the alimentary chain of the capitalist system.

Showing step by step of its trajectory: * To observing the alimentary chain of the capitalist system notices that everything functions its interests in accordance with. If something runs away from the control, immediately is eliminated of the system (the misadjusted called ones), therefore the same does not correspond to the expectations of the system. The system with its power of persuation obtains even though to manejar the relations of an individual for another one. It uses the media that is its main chemical weapon, the supreme being God, the church, as control form, becoming them each time more competitive and consumistas. It is the power of the more-value, therefore you valley for what it produces and it consumes, lives controlled for the time (to sleep, to wake up, of leisure to produce), therefore time is money and money is the main plate of the capitalist system.

It uses the education for magnifying of its capital, the same one I propagate is it conducting of its process of evolution of globalizada production. The social classrooms are the sacred cow of the system, not mattering which classroom the individual is inserted. In the truth what it matters it is that the same it takes care of the necessities of the Bourgeoisie and so that this happens, the system passes to the individual the sensation of satisfaction and freedom making to believe it that and exempts to go and came and giving to it to be able and at the same time limiting them in its duties, duties these tracings for the system and that it must be followed. In the highest point free, but only pparently, therefore nor its land, nor its house, nor its car, if are that have you them you belong to it, are enslaved of the system since moment that we are being generated in the womb of our mothers is at this moment who if initiate the adestramento of the individual, becoming them herds of lambs whose way already comes traced and the ones that they try to run away from the banished system and from the convivncia what they call society.

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