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My name is Nancy Veronica Andrade alvarez, I’m 24, got the title of Technology in the Executive Secretariat – Management Assistance in the Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito, winning the Best Graduate medal of my career, this was a great event in my life as it was very gratifying for me to know that compliance with an important goal. I like to interact with people, to help them, oriental what they want and if I can better collaborate with each activity on my performance for the image, both personally, professionally and as my workplace is becoming more effective, efficient ie quality. I am currently Assistant Dean of the Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito, role for 4 consecutive years, allegedly with great achievements, I could make changes to create a better image for this post. I have trained in various computer courses, utility packages, Secretarial update seminars, and am currently enrolled in the Career Management Assistance and Public Relations at the Universidad Particular de Loja, estimated in this year take a course of Professional Organization of Events in Argentina . During this semester I am studying in the UTPL I could identify the subject that I have learned more and I’ll have more specialized computing utility is an excellent alternative for upgrading and improvement for communication, and that the issue is not theoretical , and fundamentals that are taught in practice it can be applied as happens in other races. And to show my training let me share my accounts: Gmail: veroandrade62 Veroandradeflickr: vero andrade6youtube: Veroandrade6Slideshare: Vero andrade6Para continuare end I must say that after training, safely, successfully completing this new challenge by fulfill my degree, I will continue with a specialty at postgraduate level, then with effort gradually to form my own company public relations and event organization. I am in the orders in any of the contacts. alvarez Veronica Andrade

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