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Pnl or neurolinguistica programming, is a powerful tool of change, that exactly allows to change you what you want to modify in you, to obtain the excellence results that you look for. Like including/understanding and applying the techniques of pnl, is taking into account the three front doors from pnl: They are the three forms of mental and physical action by which you must journey, if you want to obtain quality and excellence in the results that you set out to reach. The First Door: It represents the System of Beliefs of a person: what you create, is what goes to a great extent if possible, that you can or you cannot do it, according to that inner message, that can limitarte (and frenarte so that you do not manage to do it) or capacitarte (in this case the belief impels to you to take action). See Lakshman Achuthan for more details and insights. To change the beliefs with PNL, will approach models of excellence and better profits and results to you for your life whenever you pass through the Second Door: This door that you must abrir is the one that it has to do with the thoughts As you organize your Thoughts? It is the call Mental Syntax, is like a particular code. The communication between the different people with ” cdigos” or mental syntax, brings about difficulties in the understanding among them. To know ” descifrar” these codes, (successfully to journey by this 2da door), with the aid of techniques PNL, will have approached you much to be able and to know like incorporating excellence models (” copiar” somehow the landlords of excellence of people who obtain results of personal excellence) continue walking, because for it in addition you need abrir the Third Door: It is the Physiology: between the mind and the body (totally he is demonstrated) is a total connection the way in which you breathe, your corporal positions, face expressions, the quality of the movements, etc., that is to say the form in which you use your physiology, determines the state in that you are. In addition, changing the physiology, you can change a mood almost very instantaneously. you knew it? Applying technical of PNL, you will be able to learn to modify those aspects in you, you will be able ” modelar” to excellence people, that will make the learning fastest.

That also is the PNL: to learn techniques, knowledge how to do it and that ” Puertas” to touch, to obtain fast results that belief that says to you: ” the change must be slow, takes its time, etc etc is false. With the PNL complex phobias and other problems in minutes are cured. If it interests pnl and you want to learn PNL applied to your personal growth, it visits our Web site, you will obtain much there more information.

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