Arthritis Despite Pain-arthritis!

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Arthritis Despite pain-arthritis – “Through lack of compensation for pain relief.” The new self-help – Bernd Askanas method for osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and ankle If the load-bearing joints while running will cause problems, is in many cases the onset of osteoarthritis. Some one may look no more pain ahead. What to do Can we get rid of the pain again After a car accident where I broke both legs and suffered a pelvic fracture but also for 3 broken ribs, I had almost half a year are in the expanded Union. The success: Only arthritis in both ankles and later hip arthritis and osteoarthritis of the knee. Before about 18 years, the hip joints were so worn out that it pains me, I would not expect more. I started looking and found, after intensive research on a viable way I managed to put all my pain in osteoarthritis. For 20 years now I have severe arthritis and is already almost 17 years, I managed to find a way, despite myOsteoarthritis, by the way, unfortunately, is not curable live with pain. So I then over time my way – or rather passed on my way – the self-medication, orally to many people and often received positive feedback. At the request of many Leidengenossen I have written a book in which I explain how you can help with small, very simple means itself. A doctor friend, in whose area of influence of sports medicine, I had read my book. He said verbatim: “If this is true, then you can fill a whole series of orthopedic surgeries its surgical wards” End of quote. Medicine is indeed at a loss in osteoarthritis. To ease the pain, they will prescribe pain medication, which often charge even the kidneys. If that does not help, then billed as “the only” alternative of joint replacement, with all its risks and consequences, with the risks and possible sequelae often trivialized. This means that all new prosthesis 10 years – againthe same risks and possibly impact. Again and again, before telling me people with joint prostheses their suffering. With many are doing well, but the majority felt that his situation unchanged or even worse than before the surgery. And the actual surgical risk, or that too. If you then consider that the artisti. Joints are usually worn out after 10 years and a new surgery with all the risks already had ansteht again, one should think it over carefully whether we want to take this torture upon himself. I will certainly not interfere Messrs. orthopedist’s handiwork, but in my experience, is now much too fast and, above all, too often on artificial joints. About 17 years ago, when I found the way, in spite of my arthritis pain can live without that refused my oh-so-critical mind, almost to accept the reality, because it was so easy and simple that I thought it impossible that it had found no one in front of me the links. To the point: The lack of raw materials, which the body is essential for the maintenance of joints andneeded especially for the production of synovial fluid (synovial fluid), there is a condition in which the joint is literally running dry. Thus the friction in the joint is unnecessarily increased and the wear process rapidly accelerated. By supplying the missing materials, the production of synovial fluid is significantly increased. The friction is reduced, or better yet – be abolished, and most importantly – the wear process is stopped or reduced at least to a degree according to it the aging process. In my book, in spite of pain arthritis I have just described my method. It is quite easy for everyone to understand. Below is a case study from which I recently learned: A lady who had read the book “Painless despite arthritis, this lent her neighbor who had run up some time ago in a local running group, but had to abandon it because of osteoarthritis. Even short walks were possible only with great pain. 4 weeksafter youThe book had received, asked her husband, the lady from whom they had received the book: “What have you done with my wife – It jumps around like a deer, and again in the running group jogs with her again. “An e-mail, which reached me a few days ago contained the following passage:” By the way, I already noticed the first effects of the therapy, it started to A week on, I am amazed, it has helped me yet! “or” well, my wife has just read your book and we have begun to try it with great skepticism. We could not believe it myself – with my wife it has worked. “If there are outstanding, you can also reach me by telephone on number 02331 (37 65 528). You can register for free oneself completely to our forums and participate without any commitment or costs at the Forum events. Despite pain-arthritis to help themselves for those affected and relatives

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