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this is the questionnaire was conducted among ten people and which also scored the goal of reaching the same and thus the creation of the company QUESTIONNAIRE This questionnaire is prepared in order to disclose data for the creation of a school project and to know what the people are interested. Instructions: response to stress that it sees fit. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 , is a philanthropist and patron of the sciences, education and the arts Edad Sexo Ocupacion 1 – What product are believed to buy more at this time of year ‘a) Cocktail fruit b) pallets and frozen c) cakes d) fresh water 2 – What flavors are the best sellers’ a) strawberry b) chocolate c) of yogurt otros 3 – How many would be willing to pay ‘a) 3 pesos b) 5 pesos c) 10 pesos d) 20pesos 4 – In what places you like to buy more’ a) Sleeps b) foreign c) tianguis d) on 5th Street – What is it that gives you more confidence when you buy the product ‘a) Price b) friendly c) quality d) service 6 Do these products would be ‘a) A luxury b) a need c) a whim d) other opcion 7 – If you liked the product I would recommend’ a) Yes b) no c) maybe d) is not 8- Do you think that there difference in taste between trademarks and products made at home ‘a) Yes b) No c) no d) I do not care 9A Do you think the economic crisis affect the sale of these products’ a) Yes b) No c) No is d) I do not care

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