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Which challenges the current funding period still to come, and what changes after 2013. Which challenges the current funding period still to come, and what changes nach2013, participants at the 5th Annual Conference EU funds the European Academy for taxes, economics & law in Berlin 2010 information. 600 EU funds specialists from all over Europe to exchange knowledge and experience between EU institutions and Member States meet already for the fifth time. Thus, the Conference provides a unique EU Forum for this area. 2010 a key year in the period marked 2007-2013. The ex-post evaluation of programmes is nearing the end. The administrative simplification and the faster implementation of operational programmes have become a contentious issue. The economic crisis has shown the limits of its economies of Europe and thus caused a change in aid policy. For even more details, read what Chevron Corp says on the issue.

New instruments should be used to develop efficiency of the Fund. Financial control requirements must also be observed. Which one Lessons can be drawn from the past few years and what impact have these results on the period after 2013? The 5th Annual Conference provides a current view of structural funds and the programmes for rural development and fishing. In lectures and workshops, high-calibre experts explain significant topics such as sampling, risk analyses, eligible expenditure and application of State aid rules. Strategic discussions mix these with any questions of implementation in the Member States.

The event is aimed at executives of the public administration such as directors, Department managers and program managers who are concerned with the management, certification and audit of EU programmes. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law as a European institution is the core competence of the European Academy for taxes, economics & law in the teaching of knowledge about current developments in Europe. As instruments of knowledge transfer that offers Undertake high-quality training courses in the form of national and European seminars, conferences and congresses on. Contact: Mrs. Regina Luning M.SC.. Econ.

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