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Search Engine Positioning

Posted by on Sunday, 27 March, 2011

The SEO business is sad someone has to be removed to take his place. Oh well, the first page of Google only has 10 places and someone has to leave his position to occupy it yourself. The problem is that sometimes it is VERY difficult, especially when it occupies the first place is a monster that looks impossible to beat. Here, many people throw in the towel too soon or gets in link schemes and positioning to end up giving more evil than good. Although I think you had mentioned, it is worth repeating: your competitor is not the number one, is the number 10. Before espantarte with number one, which has a 10,000-page site zillion thousand inbound links, check out the last two positions. It is likely that these two are much easier and give you the courage to follow him. The strategy I follow is simple: look for the top spot, but I focus on my immediate competitors, which are the ones who'll be able to achieve relatively faster.

As you climb, you'll see that the top will require much more work for reaching irlas, in the end, those at the top are there for something and will not budge to anything else because. Even with this situation, you can position your web page or in a good place, even if you have all the power of the first places … yet. The search engine positioning is a task of every day. Oh well, there are many people entering this business and you can not sleep on your laurels, but keep in mind that all the work is cumulative, who want to take your place, you must make at least the same job as you. If you do not let release the pressure, you can either stay in your place for a long time before you start to reach the fire.

The thing is to keep working and focus on the next post. It is wrong to try to win the number one, but almost always easier to win that is immediately above you that whoever occupies the first position. With this, you'll be jumping up to the continuous competition seriously. However, the positions that won will give you the experience and courage to be up and not put up with Samson kicks from your first attempt. If you combine this with other ways to get traffic and gain more customers, competition becomes a little irrelevant after all, if you take more than your competitor, you're already on track to take its place. The proper positioning WEB is a great advantage, but the content and conversion are going to give you money, not just be at the top. For this, uses SEO and searches, which are going to keep all your efforts and also, ultimately, the reason you're looking for that first position.